Self Care When Travelling

Self-Care When Travelling

We’ve touched on this brief in a previous Instagram post but looking after yourself when travelling (albeit short-haul or long-haul) can make ALL the world of difference when you arrive. Arriving feeling fresh and ready to go is a great way to start your holiday.


Here are some of our tips and tricks for looking after oneself when travelling.


Drink plenty of water


The day prior to your flight, start drinking LOADS of water to keep hydrated (this is whole blog post for another day). Fun fact: the average annual humidity in the desert is 25%. An airplane average humidity of 10%.


Bring a portable charger


Unfortunately not every flight is in one of those fancy new planes without window shades with multiple USB ports so bring a portable charger to make sure you have ample battery for when you arrive.


Bring extra snacks


It’s a good idea to head down to the local supermarket (you don’t wanted to pay a million dollars at the airport) before your flight to stock up on some healthy snacks. Nothing worse than being hungry mid-flight!

Use a neck pillow


Part of arriving feeling fresh is getting a good sleep on the flight. Using a neck pillow is a great way to do that.  *Product plug* our travel pillow is made from memory foam, it conforms to the shape of your neck by reacting to the heat in your body. It provides complete neck and head support and you can swing it around so you can sleep with your chin falling forwards (if that’s your thing?). Click here to see more.


Avoid too much coffee


Drinking too much coffee can cause hydration, mix that with the very low humidity in the cabin and you are going to arrive feeling exhausted!


Wear loose comfortable clothing


This is a no brainer - don’t plan to go travelling in 6-inch Louboutins and super skinny jeans is all we’re saying. You might look hot but you’re going to feel super uncomfortable!


Pack your favourite beauty essentials


Taking care of your skin when flying is 1. a great way to pass time and 2. give yourself an inflight pamper session whilst keeping your skin hydrated. Make sure to take oils and moisturiser! P.s. try not to wear make-up if it’s a long flight.


Move around as much as possible


With all the water you should be drinking, this won’t be an issue. Multiple trips to the lavatory have you covered.


Pack thick socks


Nothing worse than having cold feet! Airplanes can be super cold so keep warm with some nice cosy socks. Whatever you do, don’t be one of those people who wear them without shoes into the lavatory. 


Use an eye mask


In addition to the neck pillow, using an eye mask is a sure way to block all of the light in the cabin.