Skin Care When Flying

Dehydrated skin is an unfortunate side effect of airplane travel. The air at 30,000 feet is very cold and cannot hold much moisture which is why we tend to have dry skin after flying. Here are some of our tips to help you arrive at your destination with glowing skin.


  1. Make-up Free


According to Harper’s Bazaar, the change in atmospheric pressure and the lack of moisture in the air plus make-up (which is often heavy in talc) blocks our sebaceous glands increasing our chances of a breakout (eek!). If you must wear make up to the airport (aka you need a good pre-departure selfie), make sure you take this off as soon as you board, particularly for long-haul flights.


2. Drink Water


Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and nausea. To put it into perspective, men lose up to 2 litres on a 10-hour flight and women around 1.6 litres. According to Marie Claire, on a London to Sydney flight a passenger could lose up to 4 litres and 8% of their bodily water! Drinking lots of water before and during your flight will also help keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.


3. Use a Face Mask or Mist


Don’t be afraid to whip out a hydrating face mask. You may get a few weird looks but your skin will thank you! Or if this is too far out of your comfort zone, you could opt for a face spritz every couple of hours to keep your skin fresh.


4. Eat Hydrating Foods


We all know eating too much salt causes dehydration so steer clear of the salty foods and too much coffee. Instead try and consume any many fruits, vegetables or yoghurt as possible.


Safe travels,